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Here's A Warning For Anyone Who Tries Peeps-Flavored Oreo Cookies

Fans of Marshmallow Peeps and Oreo cookies were elated when they learned the two would become one so-to-speak, but that wasn't the only surprise regarding the new treat.

It turns out, the dye in the cream filling does a couple of unexpected things to the body.

For starters, after eating the cookie, several people took to social media to share a photo of their pink tongue.

Richard Traub on Twitter

@Oreo is this normal after eating peeps Oreos?

That was surprise number one. Yes, you guessed it, surprise number two is even better.

Cnet notes that once the cookie makes its way out of the body it leaves people with pink feces. Yes, we are serious. If you don't believe us, you should definitely eat a Peep Oreo (or five) and see what happens.

You've been warned! If it happens to you, please do not take to social media to show everyone. We'll take your word for it.


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