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Graffiti Artist Banksy Opens a Hotel

Entitled “The Walled Off Hotel”, you will be able to stay in an original Banksy creation. With ten rooms and dubbed by the owner of having the “worst view of any hotel in the world” - it is sure to have a unique experience.

According to The Guardian, due to the hotel’s location, the building only gets approximately twenty-five minutes of sunlight a day.

Located next to the wall that divides both Israel and Palestinian, the artist hopes to have people talking about the controversial barrier. Not only a hotel, the location will also hold some of Banksy’s more popular pieces of art.


Channel 4 News on Twitter

Graffiti artist #Banksy has opened a hotel in the West Bank. The Walled Off Hotel features artworks exploring the Israel-Palestine conflict.


In the presidential suite, guests can see a piece the graffiti artist personally created. The mural shows a Palestinian and an Israeli having a pillow fight. Also in the room, “water splashes from a  bullet-strafed water tank into the hot tub, to the bunk-beds in the budget room scavenged from an abandoned army barracks.”


Luke Baker on Twitter

So Banksy has opened a guesthouse in Bethlehem, next to Israel's towering security wall. Opens on March 11


Another room plays homage to Britain’s reign over Palestine 100 years ago. The room has a pile of concrete with a light flickering beneath the rubble. Another room, has an exotic motif with a variety of snake skin pillows as well as zebra print furniture.

There is also a small museum on site hoping to explain the wall and the affect that it has had on their culture. The hotel will also be promoting local Israeli artists by hanging their latest pieces of art.

The hotel’s staff are all locals and Banksy hopes to provide jobs as well as visitor numbers to the location. Walled Off Hotel will open on March 20th and is currently accepting bookings from the public. Each room will be available for just $30 a night.


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