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This Woman Convinced a Guy on Tinder That She’s a Beet Farmer Using Quotes From 'The Office'

When it comes to Tinder, it’s hard to know what to expect. For every normal person, you get a weirdo or a creep or someone who just doesn’t respond to your messages.

Or you could get Caroline, who used quotes from The Office to try to convince a Tinder match that she was a beet farmer, a la the show’s mustard shirt-loving character Dwight Schrute. Let’s take a look at the exchange:

Tinderfessions on Twitter

Congrats @caro_bearo an incredible use of The Office quotes! #beets

It continues:


It’s sort of admirable that Nate didn’t hit “unmatch” immediately. We think Dwight K. Schrute would admire Caroline’s shrewd use of verbal communication skills to try to attract a mate, don’t you?


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