Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS

Metallica - "Hardwired....To Self Destruct"

The new Metallica disc drops today and so far I'm digging it a lot. I'm listening to "Am I Savage", right now.

To me, there's distinct Metallica era's. "Kill Em All", "Ride The Lightning" and for the most part "Master Of Puppets" where the first chapter to me. "And Justice For All" was its own era, with the "Black" album standing on its own also. Then came the "Load" era. A lot of die-hard Metallica fans don't like these records. I don't mind them nearly as much as what came next.....the "St. Anger" era. I believe that with some reworking of some of the songs and better production that this album wouldn't be half bad. That said, this is the only 'Tallica cd I don't own. (I even rode my motorcycle to Jackson, Michigan to watch "Some Kind Of Monster" in the theater....and I'm still not a fan) Let's just leave it there. Then came the "Death Magnetic" era, which is where I think, and Kirk Hammett told me, that this record aligns itself with the most, with a little of the "Black" record mixed in.

I'll have to live with it a little bit, but so far so good. I like the title track, "Moth Into Flame" I dig as well. Listening to "Dream No More" right now as I type this.

There's always going to be the fans that say Metallica has sucked since "And Justice....", and that's their opinion, but that argument is almost as maddening as Sammy or Dave. I think this record is fairly solid. I'd be curious to hear you I listen to "Halo On Fire".