Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

Happy Birthday Scott Weiland

Scott would've been 49 today. I remember meeting him for the first time about 2 weeks after STP's debut cd "Core" was released. He was only using going by his last name way back then. To say the interview was a little bit of a downer would be an understatement. "Sex Type Thing" was the only song of the record that we were playing, as it was the first single. I asked him to talk about the song. He put his head down and started rambling on about how date rape was a serious issue. While it is, it certainly brought the room, and my radio show down. To be honest, I had a camera and wanted to get an ID from him for my radio show. After the low-key, somewhat dreary interview, I just wanted him to leave.

They put on a killer show that night. Only about 30 people were there to see the first visit of Stone Temple Pilots to Buffalo, NY. As soon as that last note ended and the show was over, the band jumped right off the front of the stage and hit the bar.

I've had a chance to ask each member about that show, and all, except Scott, remembered it. The DeLeo bros. said they specifically remembered it because they weren't sure if their career would last that long playing to empty bars.

Here's my last interview with Scott from the summer of 2015. Ironically, I was suppose to do an interview with him about 2 weeks before he died but it fell through because the tour manager told me he wasn't feeling well.