Another game from the "Screamin" Man Cave "HAUNTED HOUSE"

It was back in 1982 , I worked at an Arcade at Oakland mall for many years and my love for pinball was to the point that I had to have one . Saved up enough up to buy a used Gottlieb Haunted House pinball machine. One of the favorites of Pinball collectors . Only 6,385 were made .This pinball came out in 1982 and one of the first pinball games with multi levels. First thing I noticed that it had 8 flippers! And It plays music while you play  well-known BACH organ piece,  four pop bumpers, two kick-out holes, a secret passage to allow entrance to cellar.
This game though my Radio career has traveled to Ohio & Indiana and sits in my game room now thanks to my best friend Eric Avedesian who helped restore it to factory like new condition. This is my favorite time of the year to play this game with friends with the lights low . Currently I have 4 pinball games in the man cave...but this one will always be my first love.  

Look for in 2017 Stern Pinball company to release a TV show themed 1966 Batman pinball with my good friend Chistopher Franchi  picked to do all the artwork .

~screamin scott


When was the last time you played a game of Pinball ?

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