WATCH: Fan Invited On Stage To Drum With Alice In Chains

Fans bring signs to shows all the time asking to play with the band, but how many times does the band take the fan up on their request?  Not many, and one fan at a recent Alice In Chains gig can now say he’s among the chosen few.

Check out the video below of Kurt Friedenberger getting his shot to play drums on “Would?”  According to AIC’s official blogger “Baldy,” Friendenberger held up a t-shirt that said “Let me play drums on Would?!” during the entire show. The band (or at the very least drummer Sean Kinney) was in a good mood and obliged and yielded this video.

“Baldy” notes that Friendenberger “had a couple of shaky moments,” but he did well and the crowd ate it up.  “Baldy” also mentioned, “Don’t think that just because this guy hit paydirt that the band is suddenly going to start granting every request that’s scribbled on a shirt and held up at the show. Holding up a sign asking William to contribute to your 401K or for Jerry to come to your house and meet your sister doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

Damn…so much for asking the band about my 401K!

Alice In Chains brings fan up to play

Alice in chains brings fan Kurt Friedenberger up to play drums on Would? in North Charleston 9/20/16


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