A Sad Good-Bye . . . . . .


With a heavy heart, we are saddened to announce that doors will be closing on September 30th . If you were into music , if you played or even if you were learning....this was one of the great ones. I took some of my first guitar lessons here . As you can see how history turned out ...I became a radio dj . But many of my friends shopped here . Back in the day many Mom & Pop stores flourished with names like Wonderland Music , Massimino's , Marshal Music , and the list goes on . Just a few left like Huber & Breese, Music Box but are a dying breed. Sure the big box stores are convenient.Nothing beat sitting around with friends and a Jam session would break out and staff would take that extra care of you because you were like family.    Many factors, including the passing of Vicki, have made it increasingly difficult to keep the studio running. But they did it ,year after year for  82 years with a talented teaching staff and loyal customers like you. Thank you so much Gus Zoppi Music Center .


Stop by and say good bye and thank you before September 30th

Do you have a favorite Mom & Pop store you remember ?  Comment and let everyone know your story.