And Justice for all . . . . . 28yrs Later


Aug 25th, 1988

I was a radio personality in Decature/FtWayne Indiana at a Oldies station . So keeping my head together besides playing  Little Richard and Chuck Berry followed by Neil Sedaka's Puppy Love . The New Metallica album was purchased, raced home , and on the turn table faster then you can imagine.  Doubt in my mind after the death of Cliff and wondered who this Newbie Jason Newsted was all was answered when the needle hit the record. "Blackened" was almost 7 mins of pure joy ! Next up the Title Track almost 10 mins . The entire album 65mins of Head Banging awesomeness . Life in Indiana was an experience . New adventures ,new friends, and what the cool part was . In the Summer there was a Drive In movie theater right in my back yard . Who needs cable back then when I was watching Die Hard , Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Coming to America on a huge screen.   Yes 1988 was a pretty cool year but it wasn't until last year that I got my  Metallica And Justice Sneakers


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