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"A Little Bit Of Sole"

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Pondering this question the other day . Women have obsessions over shoes but I would never ever ask the question...When are you going to retire those shoes? That would be like asking "What would you like on your Grave?" But for Men, The answer never crossed my mind ever. These pair of Converse Chucks have been a part of my life for almost 15 years . They have been to many a social events, Sport playoff games, 2 Dave & Chuck the .5K runs , Concerts from Ozzfest,  to many a Local acts from The Ruiners, The Trash Brats to  Planet of Fun . Miles and miles of lawn cutting, backyard deck painting, even a wedding  or ten, 3 Detroit Mayor's ,  7 Red Wing Goalies, To many Tiger bullpen players to mention, more yards then The Lions....  after many years of wear and abuse ....they feel as good or better then the first time I slipped them on my feet. I just love My Chucks! Hmmm the more I think about it .....If I die ? Please make sure someone puts my Chucks on me one last time.

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