Rockin' Pinball 2017 Games coming Soon !

Pinball Machine Convention Held In Miami Area

Being a Huge! Pinball fan that I am ...Got some pretty cool news coming from Stern Pinball co . Still made in the USA ! All according to this month's Pinball Magazine.

Stern Pinball doesn’t usually announce any games upfront. The News slowly leaking out that they  have  new games in development. Rumored titles and absolutely not confirmed in any way include Aerosmith, Star Wars, and Iron Maiden. Stern known over the years releasing Rock Themed Pinball games like  The Rolling Stones, AC/DC & Metallica to name a few....

Pinball Machine Convention Held In Miami Area

Happy to see after all the years ..Pinball is coming back and will be a Rockin 2017 !

What is your favorite Pinball game of all time? Comment below