Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images

Corey Taylor Is Finally Realizing How Physical He Is On Stage

Corey Taylor is soldiering through Slipknot's summer tour with Marilyn Manson despite residual pain from his "unplanned spinal surgery" in early June that delayed the road trip by three weeks.

Taylor told us that he's still learning to deal with his condition and is frequently reminded of his limitations:

“I've had to kinda reassess what I do live, man...Up to this point I didn't really realize how, I guess, how physical I am when I sing...even by not headbanging or jumping or running or any of this stuff. I punctuate physically when I sing and I've never really realized that before. So even the first few shows I was kinda finding I kinda had to hold myself back a little more than just the headbanging and jumping and stuff. I really had to kind of re-evaluate everything 'cause I would do something and it would be like, 'Oh, that hurts. OK, we can't do that for awhile.' It's kind of crazy. But at the same time the positive is that for me I love the challenge of it.”


Slipknot will be on the road through mid-October, including its annual Knotfest on September 25, this time sharing the weekend with Ozzy Osbourne's OZZFest. Taylor is planning to return to his other band, Stone Sour, after that for a new album, expected out in 2017.



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