Top 5 Favorite Bonzo Drum Solos

Today (May 31) would’ve been John Bonham’s 67th birthday. What better way to honor the legendary sticksman then by watching some of his most legendary and mind blowing drum solos. Here are five of our favorites:

Arguably his most iconic solo capping off “Rock and Roll,” short and sweet from the live concert film “The Song Remains the Same” in ‘73.

From Led Zeppelin’s 1970 show at the Royal Albert Hall. Bonham is a blistering blur of arms, sticks and hair for “Moby Dick.”


Another soulful solo from “The Song Remains the Same.” Makes you want to punch a hole through the wall and curse the rock gods for taking him away so early.

This solo from “Over the Top!” during Zep’s last tour of the United States in ‘77. Almost get a bit teary eyed thinking about what could’ve been…

Okay…now that’s not even humanly possible! Bonham puts the exclamation mark at the end of “Dazed and Confused." I’m getting sweaty just watching this.

Blake Froling is a classic rock addict who spends his days searching for his fix in the form of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Rock will never die as long as he’s around buying every album he can get his hands on.