Nothing More Album

Nothing More are a 4 piece band out of San Antonio, who's new self titled album has captivated me on several levels.
By now you have probably heard their top 5 hit "This is The Time (Ballast)" and wondered if the full album was as good as the single?
The answer is yes, but this is a diverse band, with a sound that brought reflections of The Mars Volta, T-Ride and Dream Theater to mind with
sophisticated production of Queensryche's Operation: Mind Crime.

If, like me you still like to listen to a full in depth CD or download and read the lyrics as images take to your mind and the
songs magically apply themselves to your life - then this is the album for you.

From the almost pop-punk feel of "First Punch" to the hate filled "The Matthew Effect" to "Pyre" the closing track that allows the
sampled echoing voices of old movies or speeches tell the story to the cinematic bridges like "Ocean Floor" and "GYRE" that glue
the entire production together, this feels like one of those albums that will stay in my collections for a lifetime.

Did I mention the lyrics? It is not typical at all, in fact I was amazed as the revelation of the words to "If I Were" sank in.

My only complaint is that there is not enough soaring lead guitar work. These songs are the perfect setting for some melodic,
emotional, soaring leads, and because of that I can't put this album on the same level as Pink Floyd, or Queensryche at their peak,
but it's damn close.