Five Finger - Volbeat Tour

For the last several years I've been hoping that Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch would tour together, and starting
in September they finally will, along with Hellyeah and Nothing More. It's good to know I wasn't the only one who was looking
forward to this as Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger told me "When you look at a tour, at least I can tell, when the bands are not friendly,
as an audience member you can tell. Hellyeah has toured with Volbeat and we have played many festivals with them, it's a big circle of friends.
I'm looking forward to it not just because I think its going to be one of the
best shows of the year, but also because it will be fun."

I also sat down with guitarist Jason Hook who admitted "We've been trying to package with Volbeat for a long time. They are very strong at radio,
they have great songs and that's what makes people want to come out, they want to hear those songs live. We're excited and tickets have been
selling like hot cakes."

Both bands have a unique sound, that is what first attracted me to both of them, in fact I believe that is why they stand out so well on the radio
and Zoltan agreed with my assessment adding "Both bands lyrics are sonically, culturally and emotionally relevant, what I mean is that we don't sing about
Viking warriors coming to take over the world, everything we write about comes from our experiences and real life."

The Detroit area show is the WRIF Rocktober Throwdown, October 8th at the Compuware Arena.