Movement 2014

Movement 2014... That's a wrap!

Memorial Day weekend in Detroit is something incredibly special and like nothing else. The Movement Electronic Music Festival moved into Hart Plaza and we danced our way through the weekend. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful for three days straight, the music was bumping and the bass dropped.. A lot. Riff2 hung out all weekend long, took tons of photos and interviewed some of the performers. Check out the photos below!

After spending three days in Hart Plaza where you can't avoid the music we learned a lot about ourselves, our city and those who visit. There's no way you could call this festival anything but Movement. No matter what stage you were at or what time of day it was, people were moving. They were dancing and feeling the groove of the beats.

Here's what we learned about ourselves; We like to dance and support Detroit which is considered the mecca of techno music. We already knew we liked to support Detroit, but after talking with patrons and performers at the event we really realized what this city means to the techno genre.

Here's what we learned about our city; Detroit may look rough around the edges but for those who live here, breathe here and call this place home it's more than rough around the edges. Detroit has a fantastic music history and although it may be a slow process the city is on the rise and Movement just helps show how awesome our city is.

And finally, here's what we learned about those who visit; Visitors of Detroit aren't really sure how to feel about what they see around them. The rumors and stories are harsh but when you visit Detroit you get to see the people who make this city wonderful. Visitors may be leery of their surroundings, but with the right guidance they realize that this town is more than just the corrupt city they see on the news. People have heart here and are passionate about their music. They're proud of what makes us unique and if you spoke to any out of towners it was pretty easy to sway their opinion to a positive one.

Movement 2014 was incredible and really shined a light on how beautiful Detroit was, is and will be. We hope you enjoyed yourself as well!