New Slash - World On Fire

The date is set for the new **Slash** solo album

World On Fire. It will be released on September 16th on Slash's own Label Dik Hayd International.
It will be the 2nd solo album featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

The single "World on Fire" will hit radio on June 13th, a good week before the band starts their tour in July, with most of the shows being part of the Let Rock Rule Tour with Aerosmith.

SLASH: "I am a Rock n’ Roll guy. The music business has become a pop-oriented sort of thing and all of the different music genres
have become pop. I love the fact that I am doing Rock n’ Roll and have always done the same thing from a very heartfelt place.
Aerosmith has represented that to me ever since I was kid. The two of us going out there and doing this big tour and holding that banner
and doing it as sincerely as it can be done is something that I can be proud of."

**Slash** also talked about a couple of specific songs on the new album: *"When doing a record 

I hate to identify with any one particular song or two particular songs. It’s not like the record is written with one great song and the rest are filler.
They all mean as much as the others. There are a few songs that are very different than what we did on the last record.
There’s a song called “The Unholy” which was influenced by my work in film. There’s another song called “Thirty Years to Life” which is a little bit of a departure. There’s another song that sticks out in my mind called “The Dissident” that’s a little bit unpredictable compared to stuff that people would expect from us."*

There are 17 songs in all, and according to Myles Kennedy "it feels different than their last album: MYLES: We didn't spend as much time fine-tuning arrangements as a unit during the Apocalyptic sessions. I think that’s part of the reason this record sounds as
cohesive as it does. Slash spent a lot of time with Todd and Brent working on arrangements while I was on tour with Alter Bridge late last year. When I got off the road, I met up with them in LA so they could get a feel for how the songs felt with vocals."

"Another difference is that Slash played all the guitars on WORLD ON FIRE. During the Apocalyptic sessions I sang and played guitar which was fun, but it definitely cut into the amount of time I had to focus on lyrics, etc. Not playing guitar on WORLD ON FIRE gave me additional
time to fine-tune lyrics and melodies which improved the songs in the end. I'm very happy with how it turned out."