May 5th 2014 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who was electrocuted trying to steal electricity, a man who tried to rob a Waffle House with a pitchfork, Ben Affleck banned from a casino for card counting, the BEST accidental nudity you’ve witnessed, an accident at the circus, a woman who’s belly button exploded on an airplane, a dude who drove I-96 while it was closed, and more!


Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the part of the body that women like to get complimented on the most, Asian teens now walking cabbages to get over depression, a new fried chicken and beer burger available in Philadelphia, Captain America busted sending nude pics to an underage girl, the worst roommate on the show, a woman who tried to smuggle a TON of weed on an airplane, a pervert that went on a kissing and licking spree at Walgreen’s, and more!