Metro Times Blowout 17 Schedule

The Metro Times Blowout has been blowing our minds now for the last 17 years, and this year will be no different. Now, bigger and better than ever, there are a few changes to note going into 2014.

In the past, the Blowout was in Hamtramck. Hamtramck is known for having more bars in its small radius than any other city. During the Blowout over 200 bands invade the city and rock our asses off for a full weekend. Last year they divided the Blowout into two weekends. One in Hamtramck and one in Ferndale. The kick-off party was at the Magic Stick off Woodward. Of course the trendy, hippy-hipsters had a field day with this. How mainstream of you Metro Times. Can we just get rid of all the a-holes with opinions that no one cares about. In 17 years the Blowout has grown so big they had to make it two weekends and expand its locations and you're upset about that? Oh right, it's not cool unless it's underground. In my personal opinion, if that's your outlook on the Blowout, then don't even come. For years the MT Blowout has exposed us to some amazing talent that we may never have known about. Not only do they support the Detroit music scene and promote it by giving venues to local bands, but now with social media they are able to really showcase how much awesomeness is coming out of Motown.

With all that being said, let's talk about the MT Blowout 2014. They've taken it back to one weekend and it will all kick off April 30th at the Magic Stick. Bands will start playing at 8pm and this is a great chance to meet those who are involved with the Blowout. Most everyone will be in attendance & you'll be able to check out live tunes upstairs, downstairs and in the Garden Bowl. The party will continue all weekend long, Thursday, Friday and Saturday but will span a greater area than just Hamtramck and Detroit. Now, if you remember last year they did two weekends in two cities and apparently this annoyed people. This year they're back to one weekend, but will still be spanning a bigger area. For three days you can catch bands in Hamtramck, Detroit and Ferndale. That's right. All 3 locations and one weekend. If you want the full schedule with locations click HERE. Tons of amazing bands will be all over Southeast Michigan, and if anyone complains about locations, hipsters or trendiness of the Blowout just go ahead and punch them in the face.


Photo Credit: Youtube