January 10th 2014 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a nagging wife who saved the life of her trucker husband, girls becoming more filthy now-a-days, things you’ve ignored in order to get laid, new drug called ‘Meow Meow’ that caused a man to slice off his dong, a woman who found a bird skull in some of her food, a new pizza called ‘the Everglades’ has alligator, python, and frog on it, and more!



Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about facts that may blow your mind, list of the top celebrity cougars, your unbelievable stories, a scandal involving a Detroit City Council member, an Asian man with a beer bottle stuck up his butt, a new medically approved climax control program for men to help with premature finale stuff, a drunk driving douchebag of the day, and more!