My Last Fight - Darren McCarty

Red Wings fans will love McCarty's book, as most of us can't resist re-living the glory days. My Last Fight however is not really a book about # 25, but much more of a book about Darren McCarty the person.

As a member of the media, and someone who has covered the wings in the locker room and even on the road on occasion during my career, I was well aware of Mac's drinking problem, and I'm proud of the way he faces his demons head-on and opens his heart and soul in this book.

Darren and I have a lot in common, we've been friends for more than 20 years, but we've never been close friends. I think that probably had a lot to do with his life style. We both are passionate about music and both of us used multiple music references in our books (Both of our books were published at the end of 2013). We have both suffered battles with pain and depression and we both love sports.

D-Mac however won four Stanley Cups with the Wings and is an Icon in Detroit, that puts his battles on the front page of the news paper, something most of us will never have to deal with or can even really understand.

My Last Fight is a human story, it is raw, real and sometimes difficult to read, as I knew Darren during some of those tough times. From Darren's fights to his goals in clutch situations to his relationships with the Grind Line, The Captain and his often Hall of Fame friends and teammates, and most importantly his wife Sheryl, you'll get the whole story. the good, the bad and the ugly.