Déjà Vu Ypsilanti

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Located in downtown Ypsilanti is the petite Déjà Vu of Ypsilanti. With a swollen customer capacity of just over 150, the Ypsi locale whacks em and stacks em with over 30 lusty and lovely nude entertainers served up on one main stage. The club boasts four VIP rooms, 14 couches, and a splash of fantasy booths. Since the insane grand opening in 1984, the Ypsi Vu’ has lit up the cool Michigan skies with some of the most sizzling stage strutters in the state. On the premises you will also encounter a mini Love Boutique with all of the lotions, potions and sex gadgetry that your trunk can hold. There is also 10 video arcades via plasma TV’s to keep you up on the latest adult DVD’s and top name stars. All of this under one roof with it’s own marquee, and parking is a snap!