Black Sabbath - Gathered In Their Masses

The new Black Sabbath DVD (Also available as a CD) captures an important era in the bands career. In 2012, three of the four original members
of Sabbath reunited for their first studio album together (13) since 1978. Gathered in Their Masses captures the world tour following the
historic reunion, and at the same time allows us to see Legendary guitarist and founder Tony Iommi at his best while fighting
through his cancer treatments.

The DVD starts out with a smokin' version of "War Pigs" which is appropriate considering the DVD title come from the lyrics of that song. You'll
find the songs you expect from a Sabbath concert including "Paranoid", "Iron Man" and "Children of the Grave" but you'll also get a few
of the deeper tracks like "Snowblind", "Into the Void", "Symptom of the Universe" and a couple of the new songs from 13.

Like all legendary bands, these guys have some mileage on them, and some pretty rough mileage at that, but they look great, all things considered and
and more importantly they still sound great as well.

Gathered in Their Masses was shot in Melbourne, Australia during two shows in April and May. There are 15 songs total over the 1:46 of the concert film,
which can also be ordered in a Deluxe Box Set with several bonuses and 3 additional songs.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this tour, which I did not get to see in person. I do wish Ozzy could find something else to say besides the constant,
and unnecessary use of the F-word, but if your a long time Ozzy/Sabbath fan like me, then I guess we've grown used to the fact that that will never change.

Black Sabbath are, as Rob Halford would say "Metal Gods" so you can't go wrong adding this to your Sabbath collection.