October 18th 2013 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a man who assaulted a cop with a parrot, mathematical proof that bacon makes everything better, the worst and best Halloween candy, Dave’s epic shoe fail, who do you know that could be our pervert of the day, every states signature food ranked from best to worst, a man who cries blood is having trouble finding a job, and more!



Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about who your old lady candy would be (hot older celebs), a sexual quirk Steve Jobs had, a guy who hid in a closet for 7 hours a day, the last time you had to hide, eating your own pets food, an item you can probably find in your house to help boost your performance up to 6 hrs, Tom Hanks wants to be in a superhero film, and more!