October 11th 2013 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about Tigers beating the A’s last night, a janitor that paid school bullies to beat up a mouthy student, your worst airplane flight experiences, a stripper in Florida gets busted with weed but tells cop it’s a tampon, Kwame calls the show to talk about his prison sentence, Jim Schaefer from the Free Press talks more Kwame, and more!



Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk a dude who’s banged a 1,000 cars has decided to settle down, bitch is tripping is a gay man today, Overly Straight Guy Ken joins us to talk about things you’ve been dared to do, a guy from New York who’s toilet exploded, a boyfriend who padlocked his girls jeans to stop her from cheating, a man who had a live eel removed from his butt, and more!