Nirvana - Live And Loud

The new Nirvana DVD Live and Loud starts with a complete concert from December 13th of 1993 - yep, 20 years ago.

It's from the In Utero tour, which is during the band's time as a four piece with Pat Smear joining Kurt, Krist and Dave giving the band a far more powerful live sound.

The show was recorded at Pier 48 in Seattle by MTV but the DVD adds 8 additional songs that were not part of the television broadcast including "Come as You are", "The Man Who Sold the World" and "About a Girl".

The vocals are well above average for a live recording and it's a blast to watch a young Dave Grohl slamming away on the drums.

I've never been a huge Nirvana fan, but watching the band perform at their peak, like this version of "All Apologies" re-enforces just how cemented this music is in its connection to the 90s era.

In the "Extras" part of the DVD is rehearsal footage form the show filmed before the concert, but the audio is pretty dicey. There are also the "original" and "Director's Cut" videos for "All Apologies", 3 songs from the a French TV show called Nulle Part Alleurs and live songs recorded in Italy and Germany including a fun cover of The Cars song "My Best Friend's Girl".

The DVD is a nice connection to a band that will forever live in the past due to Kurt's death, and a band that is at the center of one of largest shifts in direction in rock & roll history.