September 23rd 2013 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about unlocking the new iPhone with your nipples and dong, things you do that wouldn’t want to admit, douchebag pees on teenager in a movie theatre, a Dave & Chuck Unsolved Mystery...can you help us find the Guitar Playing Tricycle Jerker, a dude who had sex with a snowman, a guy who’s penis had to amputated after a Viagra overdose, and more!


Part Two: Dave and Chuck talk about strange colored naughty bits and a product to color them, a celebrity nip slip at the Emmy Awards last night, your worst/weirdest drugged out moments, a picture of some Lions players in today’s paper is a bit revealing, a list of the worst songs to make love to, an old man who killed his wife over ketchup, and more!