5 Insanely Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Motorcycles [Sponsored]

In life there is just no experience like letting Mother Wind slap ya in the face while on a motorcycle. That is a motorcycle fact you know, here are five you didn't!


Photo Credit: Davereid2/Flickr

Frequent Riding is Good For Your Brain

That's right! Not only does riding a motorcycle increase your chances of having a smokin' hot chick give you the time of day, but it actually can improve the ole' noggin! Two different scientific studies linked improved brain performance to frequent motorcycle riding! Tell that to the old lady next time she gives ya a rough time for going out for a ride!

The World's Burping Champion is Louder Than a Bike

One of the main complaints made by the lameasses who don't understand the way of the bike is that they are just too noisy. Well, the world burping champion Paul Hunn, would take argument with that. He is able to burp at 110 decibals. That is a truly apocalyptic release of gas!

Steve McQueen Was One Hell of A Badass Rider

A motorcycle is one way to quickly seperate the men from the boys. Case in point, Steve McQueen was such a solid badass on a bike, that he actually had to play a bad guy chasing himself because the stunt drivers on "The Great Escape" couldn't keep up!

1920's Police Motorcycles Had A Jail Sidecar

The roarin' twenties were definitely a strange time. Things were different. Everyone seemed to wear a suit everyday, prohibition was in full effect and The Great Depression was right around the corner. Cops still road motorcycles just like they do today, however certain models transported prisioners in a cartoonishly hilarious jail sidecar!

Harley Davidson's NYSE Symbol is HOG

Harley Davidson is a brand that is so entrenched and passionate about motorcycles that it has literally infiltrated every single aspect of their business model. Even their symbol on the New York Stock Exchange proudly shows this fact. Look at the next stock report and keep an eye out for HOG... as that is the symbol for Harley's in the world economy!


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