August 16th 2013 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about how using Facebook makes you dislike yourself, a zoo in China tried to pass off a dog as a lion, situations you had to flee from, a new study that found coffee is killing you, a trend of sports team fragrances has begun...what would the Lions fragrance smell like? A woman locked up two men and wouldn’t release them unless they had sex with her, and more!


Part Two: Dave and Chuck talk about what foods are acceptable to eat while on the toilet, a new way to get high is with a “pot-tail,” Steve the Star Wars Geek calls in from his family reunion, new words that should be added to the Dave and Chuck the Freaktionary, dating tips for short guys...or how to build a short douche, how Chuck has changed one man’s life, and more!