A Man Who Whipped It Out On A Delta Flight Has A Crazy Excuse Involving A Headache And Peppermint Oil!

Federal agents are probing a bizarre incident on a Delta Air Lines flight en route to Salt Lake City from Minneapolis. Where a female passenger told a flight attendant that the man sitting next to her exposed his penis during the trip.

According to reports the male passenger claimed that he had a headache and to ease the pain, “he decided to rub ‘peppermint oil’ on his forehead,” he apparently believed that the oil could be used as a topical pain reliever. He then claimed that he “went to the toilet. I obviously touched my privates,” he says he was seated with a coat over himself to keep warm and that he “began ‘scratching and adjusting’ his groin area due to being uncomfortable from the peppermint oil that would got transfered to his dong while releiveing himself.”