Would This Bachelor Party Prank Give You Health Problems?

A 33-year-old guy in England says he developed 'shingles' because of a prank his buddies played on him at his bachelor party.  Shingles is basically like a re-occurrence of chickenpox, and it can be brought on by stress.

The guy was driving with his 30-year-old fiancé when 16 of his friends pulled up, stormed out wearing ski masks, set off smoke grenades, kidnapped him, tied him up, threw him in the back of a van, and drove for two hours. 

After 100 miles or so, they let him in on the joke.  But he still had to ride a bike for 10 miles to get to the bachelor party . . . wearing only a green 'mankini' bathing suit like the one in "Borat".  His girlfriend was in on the whole thing, and they still got married.