June 4th 2013 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Tuesday June 4th Dave & Chuck the Freak

Part One: Dave and Chuck talk about the most annoying back seat drivers, a man in Florida bites a woman on her butt, Christina Hendricks kind of disses Detroit, Steven Seagal tries to save the world, have you ever tampered with someone's food while working at a restaurant? smoking alcohol is a new deadly trend, could you be in a relationship with someone that resembles a relative? and more!


Part Two: Dave and Chuck talk about Dunkin Donuts new sandwich that uses two donuts as a bun, Australian police were involved in a 10 hour high speed chase with a kangaroo, Andrew the Man Expert joins us in studio, a group of prostitutes attacked and beat up a woman they thought was competition and moving in on their turf, what was your longest streak, and more!