Vintage Gibson Falls Victim To Detroit Airport Baggage Handlers

It's like something out of the mind of Wes Craven. What you are about to read is a horrific tale of the destruction of a man's vintage 1965 Gibson ES-335. Dave Schneider is in a "Hanukkah-themed rock band known as The LeeVees.  Schneider was traveling last month to a gig when his the unthinkable happened to his itinerary… he was rerouted through Detroit. Schneider states that he has carried on his guitar countless times before and hasn't had any problems. He was definitely not ready for DTW.

 The security refused to let him carry his instrument on the plane and forced the man to check the $10,000 guitar. Like a mother sensing his child was in danger, he started to get a bad feeling during the flight. His fear gave way to reality when he was waiting for his guitar to surface from baggage claim. He heard a loud terrifying noise. That noise ended up being his guitar jamming into the side of a mobile service elevator rail. The case holding his guitar even bent the steel beam of the rail on the loading dock. After letting out the most girlish scream imaginable… the man got his whits back.

 Delta Airlines offered to cut schneider a check foro $1000 to repair the guitar… but the man found out that the repairs to the guitar are gonna be $1,980… which the victim is still holding out for.