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Radio Chatter with wrestler Brian Knobbs from the Nasty Boys

The Legends of Wrestling is coming to Fraser Hockeyland Arena on April 21st. This is going to be a huge event with some of the biggest names in pro wrestling. RIC FLAIR, STING, MICK FOLEY, THE NASTY BOYS, ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL, JIMMY “MOUTH OF THE SOUTH” HART, BILLY GUNN, TED DIBIASE “THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN”,…
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4 Reasons To Binge 'Santa Clarita Diet' ASAP

Drew Barrymore celebrates her birthday today (February 22), and if you really wanted to honor her in some way, you should start by checking out her starring turn in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, whose second season premieres March 23.  

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happens when you send your food back at a restaurant, a woman calling 911 because her toilet was backed up, employees at Apple’s new headquarters keep walking into walls, top 25 best super hero villains, a wedding photographer being sued for taking pictures of bridesmaids/guests butts &…
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Uh Oh! One of Our Listeners Had Their Van Stolen!!

There is a Roseville, MI man wanted by police for home invasion, car theft and questioning about another pending case.  They are currently offering a $1000 reward on info that leads to his arrest.  What makes this case unique is that according to the police description of the stolen vehicle the victim is a fan…

Mark & Andy Podcast 2.17.18 - Absorbine Jr.

This week Mark, Andy & Jade start the show discussing the different levels of cold medicine and how they effect you, the history of Absorbine Jr., the white giraffe Star Wars camera at the Olympics, the Olympic mascot, head first or feet first in the luge, odd jobs Andy has had, Jade's eyebrows and more!
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